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3D Printing


Bring us your 3D files, and we'll print them to your specifications in a wide variety of materials!

Engineering Plans


Send us your concepts and ideas, and we will endeavour to design a print for you!

Call Center Headset


Are you a business or individual looking to incorporate 3D Design and printing into your manufacturing? 

We can provide detailed expert advice.

Recycled Plastic


Several types of common household plastics, as well as failed 3D prints and excess print material can be recycled into useful 3D Printable filaments! 

The plastic is first ground, then melted, then extruded into a single continuous spool of filament. 

Unfortunately, due to the cost involved in the creation of devices that can create reliable results, we cannot offer this service at this time, but we are looking forward to when we can!

Video Camera Lens


Already have a physical copy of what you need printed, and don't want to go to the hassle of 3D modelling it?

We can use photogrammetry technology to scan your objects into 3D software, ready to print! 

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