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Our printing service

We print with both FDM and Resin printers

Our FDM Printers 

We use an Anycubic MegaZero 2.0 printer for our FDM prints. This strikingly powerful printer has a few notable upgrades from its predecessor, namely a heated build surface. This enables us to print with a wider array of filaments to better meet your requirements. It features a high-torque double gear extruder, resulting in smoother layer placement for better quality printing, and meaning prints using flexible filaments are more reliable.

Our FDM filament stock

We currently stock 3Djake EcoPLA - A high quality environmentally friendly PLA. PLA is non toxic and biodegradable. It's great for general use and large volume prints.

Our Coming soon filaments

We are looking to develop our filament stock to accommodate your orders! 

Our next targets for filaments are;

ABS - A Tougher counterpart of PLA, with a high temperature and impact resistance.

Wood composite - A stylish filament made from a blend of PLA and fine wood particles. Has a great look, touch, and smell!

TPE/TPU - A flexible, rubber like plastic, ideal for high strain applications

Let us know if you need a speciality filament, and we can order it in.

Our resin Printers 

We are expecting the delivery of our Phrozen sonic Mini 4k in early January 2021. 

This small SLA 3D printer has a massive punch when it comes to detail. As the name implies, prints are created using a 4k LCD screen, ensuring every detail is captured. Printing with this is perfect for high fidelity miniatures, small mechanical parts such as micro gears, and finely detailed surfacing. 

Our Resins

We use Phrozen Aqua Grey 4k resin. This is the highest quality resin available, and the manufacturer recommended counterpart to the printer, ensuring the best results. This resin contains smaller average particle sizes to really (really!) capture detail.

Print Ideas

Print ideas

Love the idea of 3D printing, but don't know what to print? Here are some of our favourite ideas!

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