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3 GREAT Gifts for the holiday season!

Stuck for gifts at an hour to midnight Christmas eve? We've all been there! Thankfully, using 3D printing, you can have some great, unique gifts ready on-demand! Here are some of our favorites!


3D PRINTED SHELVES What do you give someone who has everything?! A place to put it all!

Credit: Tosh - There are some beautiful items of 3D printable furniture out there, from bespoke skateboard shelves with 3D printed strong brackets, to stackable modular shelves perfect for display or decoration!


3D PRINTED PLANTERS Perfect for your green thumbed friends!

Credit: EMRL - These stunning plant pots are perfect for succulents and houseplants! They add just a little extra sparkle to any desk display, kitchen counter garden, or amateur botanical garden!



Perfect for the people in your life who love to fidget!

Credit: DIYpark - If you know anyone who likes engineering or interesting mechanisms, there are loads of great gifts that can be 3D printed!


The possibilities when it comes to 3D printed gifts are endless! If you can think of it, we can print it!

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