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About us

We are a team of tech-minded, forward thinking 3D designers, with backgrounds spanning games and architecture. 

When you hire us, you're hiring a combined 13 years of expertise in CAD and 3D. 
The decision to open a 3D print shop was born from a desire to bring the opportunity to have custom made parts and 3D-printed art to our rural, local community. 



How does it work?

You provide us with a suitable 3D file, we process it to make it ready for printing, and provide you with a physical object of the model! 
Alternatively, you can provide us with specifications and images of what you need, and we can model it for you!



3D printing itself works in 2 main ways. FDM, which lays down layers of molten plastic, and SLA, which dips the print surface into a vat of resin, and uses laser light to set it. 

Both of these methods have their own benefits, FDM prints can be stronger and larger than resin prints, but resin prints can capture much finer detail.

Unsure which to use? Ask us for a consultation here!


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