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Seize the means of Creation.


Design Consultation

So You can be free to create

Why 3D Print?

Environmentally Friendly

We use primarily PLA filament, a starch based plastic that's 100% biodegradable and recyclable into new filaments. 

Furthermore, since 3D printing uses only the required material to manufacture, less material is wasted, compared to traditional subtractive manufacturing methods.


Since 3D printing doesn't require the creation of special tools, molds, or any machining or tooling, the cost per individual print can reach very small figures. 

This is perfect for one off creations and small batch manufacturing.

Freedom to create

Without the constraints of traditional tooling and manufacturing methods, we are free to explore complex shapes, intricate details, and previously infeasible designs! 

Take the dive, call us, and engage your creative freedom.

Use Cases


Combining our skills in 3D modelling and Architectural visualisation, we can create detailed architectural models for all your projects, and provide a physical scale model to demonstrate your design



We can print in tough PLA to create sturdy, reliable parts for various uses.
For added strength, these parts can be salt-baked.

Perfect for automotive decals and replacements for old vehicles! 


Using our high quality 4k resin printer, we can print figurines for D&D, Warhammer armies, model railways. With our skilled design team, we can also sculpt and model custom designs.



Cosplay+ Costume

Perfect for the geek crowd! We can print masks, weapons, and accessories from a wide variety of pop culture icons, or your own design!


Using 3D design software, we can create intricate, beautiful sculptures and print them at a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing.

On Request, we can also provide specialist filament such as Wood.


The possibility for 3D printed gifts is endless. Small figures and gadgets make for perfect stocking fillers, or print a uniquely designed model train or car for the collector in your life.


The hobby robotics world is full of open source projects, ranging from simple RC cars, to AI vacuum cleaners & drones, to prosthetic bio-mimetic hands! 

Order custom parts with us, and let your creativity free.


Got a design you need to test before paying for costly machined parts, or a bulk order?

We can print prototype versions of a wide range of mechanical functions.

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